She said the weekends for drink’n, but I’m just hanging on

-Noble Grizwald



After being granted the ability to summon Captain Planet (with only 4 people) the team formed a band, to hide their secret identities. Noble Grizwald, realizing that they were way better at making people dance than protecting the planet (plus some of them lost their rings *cough* Sal *cough*),  quickly switched gears to pursue the art of making ones body shake and venues quake (without the help of the earth ring).

Caught between a Festival-Rock and Psychedelic-Dance/Pop place,  Southern California’s Noble Grizwald started disrupting the music scene in 2017.  Their single’s She Said, Pt. 1 & 2 are completely different from each other and show the vast array of what the band has to offer. On a less serious note (D chord) their new song Koolest Kids is a tasty Summer Jam that would fare well with any musical peanut butter. All in all, no matter where you are or what you do, Noble Grizwald could make the right music for you.

All music is self-produced, with the band tracking, engineering, and editing at their home studios in Santa Barbara.  Mixing of all the songs was done by the world famous Travis Ball and mastered by the esteemed Sam Moses.

For information regarding shows, booking, or other general questions, please contact us at noblegrizwald@gmail.com or follow our FaceBook/Instagram page.

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Email: noblegrizwald@gmail.com