Beginning as four friends working at a Guitar Center in Oxnard, CA, Noble Grizwald has quickly grown into one of the breakout acts of 2018 in Ventura County.  The band has just officially come onto the scene with their first single, She Said, Pt. 1, and are due for two more singles to hit summer 2018.

She Said, Pt. 1 is the sum of the band’s influences, including bands like Bon Iver, Local Natives, and DMA’S.  The song explores themes of disappointment and loneliness in an ever-changing world that is moving faster than ever.  These themes, which are hinted at musically by the melancholic guitars, spacious reverbs, and earnest vocals, are mixed and mashed to create the illusion of surface-level lighthearted tones.

The single was mostly self-produced, with the band tracking, engineering, and editing at their home studios in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.  Mixing of the song was done by the world famous Travis Ball and mastered by the esteemed Sam Moses.

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